UPDATE: Kristen Stewart Not Enrolled At UCLA

UPDATE: A rep has confirmed that Kristen Stewart will not be attending classes or enrolling at UCLA in any way. Makes sense; homework plus her many upcoming movies sounds like a lot to handle, even for someone who's juggled a franchise for years.
Originally Published on August 14: UCLA better prepare itself for an onslaught of paparazzi — because they're sure to flood the quads the moment Kristen Stewart steps foot on campus. Yup, you read that right. Stewart has enrolled herself in an English Literature class, adding to the college's growing list of famous alumni (James Franco, Ben Stiller, and Will Forte, to name a few).
“I was always good in school — like, kind of reluctantly… [and] I never, ever imagined that I wouldn’t go to college; I just got caught up in things," she told The Hollywood Reporter . She told British GQ that she fell into that role, Hollywood life happened, and her education went to the back burner. Now that things have kind of calmed down (she still has four more movies lined up, no biggie), she can tap into her inner bookworm. She already has the brooding, nonchalant air about her. The only thing left to master is balancing scripts with term papers. (Crushable)
kstewwPhoto: via Crushable.

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