Alec Baldwin's Political Talk Show? Could Happen!

alec-baldwin-bodyPhoto: Courtesy of NBC/30 Rock.
Are we the kind of people that love Alec Baldwin so much we'd follow him to the front line of battle? Probably yes. And that also means we'd watch whatever program he chooses to be on next. Especially if the rumors are true and he will in fact get his own political program on MSNBC. Word from a "senior" network source says, "It's a done deal." Of course, Baldwin was also falsely rumored to take over Last Call With Carson Daley a few months ago. According to the MSNBC source, this latest project should feature a hefty amount of Baldwin’s "outspoken liberal politics," and run at 10 p.m. on Fridays. Looks like come fall, we'll be canceling our plans and going straight from happy hour to the boob tube...that is, if the show exists. (NY Mag)

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