When Bad Backgrounds Happen To Good Outfits

1Photo: Jonathan Hordle/Rex/Rex USA
There's an epidemic in Hollywood, and it must be stopped. We here at R29 have made it our personal mission to end the rampant destruction that bad backgrounds are causing for good outfits. Here, take sweet young Chloe Grace Moretz. She showed up to last night's Kick-Ass 2 photo-call in London innocently expecting to show off her kicky new pantsuit and winning smile, but instead she found herself engulfed in a horrific mess of patterns. The poor girl's outfit is lost forever amongst a sea of logos and unfortunately-patterned carpet.
We're enjoying her style statement in theory — props for trying something fun and out there, Chloe — but the whole package is just too much to handle. And, we're sick and tired of seeing ambitious outfits struck down in their prime at the hands of these vicious step-and-repeats. We're on your side, red carpet walkers of the world. The buck stops here.

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