Happy B-Day, Mr. President! From Your Adorable BFF, Bo Obama

Though he can't speak, we bet Bo Obama would have a lot to say about the goings-on at the White House. The Portuguese water dog entered the Obamas' lives when Barack won the presidency, as a promise to his daughters Sasha and Malia — and the curly-haired fluff-ball has been a part of political (pet) history ever since.
Despite political leanings and personal tastes, the interactions between our President and his pup are pretty darn heartwarming from either side of the bench. A stalwart pal, Bo has been seen in motorcades and parades, on Air Force One, and at the Easter egg hunt. So on his 52nd birthday, we wish our Leo-in-chief (Michelle is a Capricorn, no wonder she keeps him level) a happy day by rounding up our favorite flicks of the first dog...and his BFF, the President. (Plus, we've got a bonus photo of Bo that is literally the best thing that may have ever happened.)

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