Madonna’s Diet: Don’t Try This At Home

madonnaphoto: via the cut
Ever wonder why and how Madonna looks like...well, Madonna? Surprise! It's not an accident. As one brave writer over at The Cut discovered, Madonna's fitness-and-diet regimen is so ridiculously impossible that it appears Madonna has fought nature for her place in the world as the original ageless goddess.

We read this article about Rebecca Harrington's 10-day journey into the dark underworld of the Madonna diet with eager, morbid curiosity. Tofu-tarter sauce? Working out alongside the
Addicted to Sweat DVD? We're hungry and tired just thinking about it.

As Harrington says, "Madonna is a feminist revolutionary, and it’s hard to be on a revolutionary’s diet. She danced in a wedding dress! She called David Mamet a chauvinist! She wrote a sex book called Sex!" Girlfriend, preach. After all, there can only be so many perfectly preserved living idols in the world. We've always been fine to just sit back and let Madonna do the hard stuff, but it's nice to know (sort of?) that we couldn't compare to Madonna even if we wanted to. (The Cut)

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