Vogue Finally Jumps On The Ugly Shoe Trend

We've been preaching to the ugly shoe choir for quite some time now, and it seems the editors over at Vogue have decided to join us. While we've been sitting pretty (and comfy!) in our low-heeled booties, Zara flats, and, yes, even Birkenstocks (this one's for you, Connie!), they've been teetering around in sky-high Louboutins.
But, the tables have turned, and Voguettes are ready to proclaim their love for the ultimate hippie kicks. In a new piece, "Pretty Ugly: Why Vogue Girls Have Fallen for the Birkenstock," the mag's editors come clean. They've all secretly sported the sandals around the house, but now are letting their Birks out into the world. (Of course, it probably is no coincidence that the latest Céline show outfitted models in Phoebe Philo's own interpretation of the leather shoes). However the editors are pairing their Birkenstocks — with girly frocks, tailored pants, or '90s-era Kate Moss cropped tops and jeans — our perennial favorites are having a real moment over at Four Times Square.
While our first reaction to the mag's proclamation is more of the "What took you so long?" variety, we're just glad the moment came at all. Consider this one small step for footwear, and one giant step for foot comfort. (Vogue)
oPhoto: Via Vogue