This New Yorker Artist Finger Paints Exclusively With His iPad

We fancy ourselves pretty lucky for getting to do what we love day in and day out. And then we look at this guy and can't help but think — how do we get a gig like that?! Jorge Colombo not only creates cover art for The New Yorker, he does it by finger painting on his iPad. Using the Brushes app, Colombo makes the most of technology to transform the way we think about, see, experience, and create art. will soon be launching "New York Moment", a new video series chronicling what New Yorkers love about the Big Apple. New Yorkers who love New York? We definitely identify with this one. Which is why we're proud to present a first look at Jorge Colombo's episode, the pilot in the 15-part series. Watch as he finds inspiration in the city's skyline and turns a spark of an idea into a beautiful work of art.

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