DD Creams Now Come In A Drinkable Form — No, We’re Not Kidding

And now, in news of beauty trends mating and spawning super-trendy babies, Juice Generation has launched a menu of "Dynamic-Do-All Shots" (or DD for short) that claim to make your skin look fabulous from the inside out.
Juice Generation has launched six DD shots, all with different ingredients, such as Sea Buckthorn (which provides anti-aging and anti-acne benefits) and Aloe Vera (which promotes healthy digestion and healthy cell growth). Now, in partnership with celebrity dermatologist Dr. David Colbert, Juice Generation has created a seventh shot featuring green tea and guarana, which can have benefits ranging from the improvement of eczema symptoms to aiding in weight loss.
We're not sure how much of an immediate difference these shots could have on one's skin, but we do know that many of our perfect-skin heroes have super-clean, nutrient-rich diets (looking at you, Miranda Kerr). So, maybe it's worth a shot?
Tell us: Would you try these trendy supplements to see if they provide health and/or beauty benefits?

Colbert M.D. for Juice Generation Daily Nutrition For Skin, available at New York Dermatology Group.

Photo: Courtesy of The Juice Generation