Nolita’s Warm Gets A Mexican Makeover

Starting tomorrow, self-proclaimed "urban hippies" Winnie Beattie and her husband Rob Magnotta will temporarily transform the backyard of their Nolita boutique Warm into a Mexican sanctuary, curated by Brittney Borjenson.
Borjenson is the owner of Evoke, which she opened in Sayulita, a quaint surfing town along the Pacific Coast of Mexico, last year, and is home to a collection of handcrafted Mexican textiles, pottery, and crafts, as well as her own hand-beaded jewelry line, 'A Thousand Prayers.' Now, with this second installation of Warm's summer pop-up series, you'll get a crack at Evoke's stock without even having to buy a plane ticket. After spying the Aztec-print rug excellence hanging along the walls, we foresee ourselves hoarding a plethora of their goods as soon as they touch down in the city. Open through August 6.
For a taste of what's to come, take a peek at the enticing snaps of Evoke in its natural habitat.
Photo: Courtesy of EVOKE.