True Grit: Textured Nail Polish Is Taking Over Your Tips

The revolution will be texturized — the nail revolution, that is. Remember when not so long ago we all thought matte polish was the coolest innovation to ever grace our digits? Oh, how naive we were. In just this past year alone, we've been exposed to kits that give us velvet, beaded, and even chalkboard nails. And, while kits are all well and good, they're not exactly the most low-maintenance or quick to do.
Enter textured nail polishes. With names like Liquid Sand, Concrete, and even Sea Salt Finish, these one-step polishes give your nails the textured effect without all the added work and craft-store accoutrements. Which is a good thing, because we're pretty sure we've inhaled enough flocking powder in the past few months to give ourselves Velvet Lung (if that's not a real disease, it should be — AMA, are you listening?).
At the moment, there are two types of texture: glittery and a more matte, stucco finish. These types of polishes tend to look best on shorter nails — too long and the effect is more tacky than trendy. You'll also want to skip the topcoat with these lacquers, otherwise you ruin the texture by smoothing it over, which defeats the whole purpose. Other than that, have at it — they're delightfully easy to do. Since the polish is supposed to be bumpy and uneven, you don't have to be so precise and exacting with your application. Removal is a little trickier, but if you've ever had to take glitter polish off, it's basically the same procedure.
Ahead, we've rounded up a few of the latest textured polishes to hit the market, for your viewing pleasure. Click through, then tell us: Have you jumped aboard the texture train, or has this trend already left the station?

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