NYC’s Famous M&J Trimming Will Launch Its Own DIY Subscription Box

If buttons fill you up with as much glee as booties, or if you often find yourself in a Zen state when staring at a wall of colored ribbons, you probably consider M&J Trimming your personal mecca. The Garment District staple has been a crafter's paradise for over half a century, but if you don't consider NYC your home (or are able to hop on a flight every time a wave of DIY craving hits you), M&J has got you covered.
On August 5, the shop will launch Project DIY, a subscription-box service that'll send you a package of goodies to recreate a variety of fashion accessories. Each box will come with two to three original projects complete with materials and instructions that were created by in-house jewelry designers. Judging from its Facebook page, the accessories may include such delights as rubber-coated chain necklaces, painted box bags, feathered peplums, pearl knuckle rings, and more — including a suede fringe bag tassel that'll comprise its first project. Interested? Sign up to be on the waiting list for the box, which will be available for $30 a pop. (WWD)

Photo: Courtesy of WWD