Today: This Soho Store Trades Your Beer For Its Bags!

Boozy bag-lovers, beware: This could be one of the few times drinking and shopping is not only encouraged, but your pass to a new purse as well.
From today until Sunday, July 21, Aussie brand Crumpler will be hosting a "Beer for Bags" sale at its Soho store, where select beers can be used as currency and worth a 30% discount off various bags. The brand will then host an exclusive closing party at a secret location on Sunday, complete with a live band and DJ, where the traded beer will then be served. Participants of the promotion will receive a ticket and a plus one. To find out what drinks should be on your shopping list, check here.
So, let’s do the math again — you give beer, you get bag, you go to party. We’re puzzled as to why this has not become a nationally recognized mode of exchange yet. Next, might we suggest “Wine for Wedges“?