The Times Just Discovered That College Women Have Casual Sex

Ahhh, The New York Times, beacon of all things hip, edgy, and happening right this moment. Or, perhaps, exactly the opposite? The Grey Lady just came across its latest cutting-edge trend: The fact that young women on college campuses everywhere are (gasp!) having sex. And, sometimes, that sex is casual. In fact, there are even women out there who are wholly disinterested in finding a relationship at all. If you're as shocked as we are (not), the Times put together a huge piece on the phenomenon, focused mostly on current students at the University of Pennsylvania.
Of course, all sarcasm aside, we do believe this is an issue worth looking into — extremely belated timing, notwithstanding. Although the Times "exposé" may not be groundbreaking or shocking, it does shed light on some extremely valid issues. For starters, the article explores the debate over what exactly is the proper time (and way) to begin searching out a relationship (or a husband) — and it resurrects the unsettling argument of Princeton alum Susan A. Patton.
Patton famously argued that young Ivy League students who fail to nail down a partner during undergrad miss out on finding their "intellectual equals." To our relief, the students interviewed all expressed a complete disinterest in focusing solely on seeking out a boyfriend, instead choosing to devote their time and resources to enhancing their own lives and college experiences (which, naturally, often times result in the participation in casual hookups).
While the decision to partake in the hookup culture is strictly personal and individual to each women, we did feel our maternal instincts kick in at the anecdotes about UPenn students who found themselves mistreated, or even assaulted, as a result of the school's hookup culture. As liberating as it is to have complete sovereignty over your love life, delving into disposable relationships can have its consequences — especially for girls who are still figuring out who they are. Naturally, we know this is not even slightly a new phenomenon, but it begs the question of just what is safe sexual behavior for college women?
Head over to read the article in its entirety, and tell us what you think. Is the Times approach to casual sex way too antiquated for its own good, or does it raise important questions? And moreover, are those questions even any of our business? Where do you draw the line between being concerned for a generation of women, and becoming too involved in totally personal matters? (The New York Times)
Photo: Via The New York Times.

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