Lady Gaga Shaved Her Head And Left The Wig At Home

Why so sad, Lady Gaga? Mother Monster recently stepped out in L.A. showing off her shaved 'do, but instead of looking excited about freeing her natural mane, she looked tired and totally forlorn — and we're trying to figure out why. She must be putting in double time for her highly anticipated LP ARTPOP, which just got its official release date. Or, perhaps it's a performance piece, similar to her stint at the Guggenheim back in September.
Either way, we're so used to seeing platinum, honey-brown, or even ROYGBIV-colored wigs on the star that catching her sans costume can be a little...head-scratching. We get that wigs can be totally uncomfortable (especially when combined with heat and a freshly buzzed head), but choosing comfort over style and drama is so not Gaga. Maybe she's just working her way up to full chrome dome — this is Gaga, after all. We wouldn't be that suprised. (Oh No They Didn't)

Photo: Via


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