How To WIN At Shopping

Love fashion but hate shopping? We feel you. Between dressing-room fluorescent lighting that makes you look as attractive as a rutabaga and feeling all these weird pressures to buy yet another item you won't even end up wearing, shopping can feel like a chore, not a treat. Add on top of that aggressive sales associates, buyer's remorse, and a small (or large) problem with overspending — and, yeah, we totally understand why you'd rather consume your fashion in front of a computer screen rather than in front of a dressing-room mirror.
Still, the advantages to seeing clothes up close, being able to experiment with trends and styles without having to commit, and spending time with people (including yourself!) in a fun, empowering way can't be achieved online in quite the same way as in person. So, here's some good news — while there are lots of problems with brick-and-mortar shopping that you don't have control over, a lot of the more common shopping gripes can be remedied. Click through for the eight most annoying issues — and our advice for how to make it all better.
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