Kanye West Is Very Angry & Maybe A Cartoon In His New Video

Real talk: "Black Skinhead" is easily the biggest conventional jam on Yeezus, one that was made even hotter by scoring the adrenaline-fueled trailer for Wolf Of Wall Street — a pretty fitting partnership for the driving, athletic-feeling drums of "Skinhead." Kanye admitted he would release a single for the song, even though he has discarded conventional promotion for his new album, and it appears that said video has just dropped.
Stark black-and-white imagery show black-hooded Klan-esque images (warm and welcoming 'Ye is not for this album), which would be familiar to anyone who saw his super-aggro performance on SNL. However, the heart of the video is a low-contrast, nearly impossible to perceive West, who actually turns out to be a 3-D rendering of himself. As he dances about, and all the viewer can clearly discern is his sneakers and his chain, plus a bit of sweaty sheen. Initially, it was hard to tell if the figure was actually Kanye or a Sim, but it becomes clear when the super-chiseled six-pack appears. Yeezy, we aren't hating, but Tyson Beckford you are not.
PS. We'd like to point out that Kanye has not been "a menace for the longest." That distinction definitely goes to Dennis.

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