Raise Your (Jazz) Hands & Say Hello To Downton's Newest Character

We'll admit it: For a hot second, we believed Diddy when he tricked us all into thinking he would be making his BBC debut. However, he did set the stage for the really huge news that another new actor, Gary Carr, will be joining the cast of Downton Abbey.
As the first black character on the show, Carr will join in for season four, which will begin airing this autumn (not that we're counting the days or anything). Playing Jack Ross, a jazz singer, Carr was spotted filming with Lily James (Lady Rose MacClare) in a row-boat scene. Though there isn't much to suggest his exact role on the show, beyond the previous news of his night-club singing, we can be sure that the Dowager Countess will most definitely have something to say about this new-age noise he deigns to call music. (Daily Mail)
Image: Via Daily Mail

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