The Blondes Reign In This Year’s September-Issue Cover Lineup

Aside from Fashion Week, September issues are the second biggest event in the industry. Who's on the cover, who took the photos, and which collections are featured set the tone for the forthcoming year. If you've seen the 2009 documentary The September Issue (if not, immediately get yourself to Netflix) or you broke a sweat lugging any of last year's megalithic issues, you know these magazine people don't take the issue lightly. This year is no exception.
Jennifer Lawrence will grace the cover of Vogue for the first time in a Mario Testino shoot where we can only guess they'll put something wacky on her head. Under the new reign of Eva Chen, Blake Lively will come out of hiding to front Lucky Magazine. Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston has landed Glamour's main spot, and this generation's go-to bombshell Kate Upton will be staring back at you from the face of Elle (she's already been on three Vogue covers this year alone).
The blonde reign ends there with Zooey Deschanel on Marie Claire. And in an odd twist of events, One Direction will be featured up top in Teen Vogue with their precious, envy-inducing coifs. What's a little off about the full lineup is the lack of diversity this September will see. So far, there are no magazines highlighting a woman of color — disappointing for obvious reasons, but not all that surprising. But there's no word yet as to who's covering InStyle, Vanity Fair, and Harper’s Bazaar, so here's to hoping. (Fashionista)

Photo: Courtesy of Vogue.