New Bestie Alert: Rihanna & Jennifer Lawrence, Squeal!

We have this secret fantasy that celebrities — the cool, seemingly down-to-earth ones — get secretly psyched to meet each other. Maybe not those who have been insanely famous for a long period of time (Tom Cruise, Madonna), but average celebs, we'd like to believe, get a little excited when they run into each other. Like, that same kind of realization that the person across from you is familiar, and not because you know them personally.
Which is, in our heads, what happened with Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna. Did Jennifer Lawrence tell Rihanna she smelled good? Did Rihanna make some amazing Hunger Games insider joke? ("I've always felt an allegiance to the aquatic tribespeople of District 4, because they fight with tridents.") We bet Jennifer Lawrence warned Rihanna when she hugged her because "it's really hot and I'm all sweaty." (Not to suggest that J. Lawr was actually perspiring, but that just seems like something she might say.) Wait; they totally exchanged numbers and are now texting each other that really good snail emoticon, we bet. Excuse us; we are going to have these fantasy conversations for the rest of the day. Heck, the rest of the week, even...

Photo: Instagram/BadGalRiRi

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