Meet The Dress Perfect For Every Body Shape

How much would you pay for a dress that fit you in ALL the right places? £50? £100? What about £595? Well, that's the price designer Michaela Jedinak is charging for the dresses she has designed to suit every body type. Yep, you read that right. EVERY. BODY. TYPE. The designer has created a collection of Italian wool and elastane-blend knee-length dresses that all have unique nips and hidden tucks to make them perfect for every body shape. Ranging from the rectangular to the apple, and Brit-favourite, the pear, the dress is available in one shade of pillar-box red, and in sizes 6 to 14.
As Jedinak explains, “A dress should complement and fit your build perfectly, feel wonderful against your skin, and ultimately make you feel great wearing it.” Sounds like music to our ears. Where do we sign up? (Daily Mail)

Photo: Via Daily Mail.