Uh, What? Bits Of Alligators Found All Over Williamsburg

Though one Williamsburg resident claims he's "seen way worse," news today of severed alligators limbs found in the Brooklyn neighborhood seems pretty bad to us. Yes, in a case that's baffling experts (or, well, at least one guy named "Jungle Bob") three fishy-smelling arms have been found seemingly purposefully placed around Williamsburg. There was one on a car seat, one on a grate, and one by a construction site.
Jungle Bob goes on, “This is certainly a mutilation situation, and it’s a sick individual who would do that." Agreed. We certainly don't know why anyone would do this, and we're certainly confused as to what it all means, but we're definitely keeping a look out for strange reptilian parts popping up in unlikely places. It's heartbreaking, terrifying, and bewildering to boot. Until we have more answers: Later, gator. (BK Mag)

Photos: Via BK mag