Sofia Coppola’s Forgotten T-Shirt Line Is The Epitome Of ’90s

Quick, somebody get Opening Ceremony on the horn! Sofia Coppola's long-forgotten '90s T-shirt brand Milk Fed is just begging to be restored à la DKNY. Apparently, the director previously dabbled in some very hip T-shirts that we would kill to get in our closets today. Subversive, sexy, and infused with a signature '90s blend of grunge-y sarcasm, these would look great folded neatly next to your ragged, old smiley face top.
Buzzfeed uncovered this gem, which also includes a version of that once-ubiquitous Che Guevara print. Turns out, Coppola even appeared on MTV's House of Style way back when.
It's hardly a surprise, since she's always been very on-trend whenever we've seen her. Best of all, it actually began when she was helping out Kim Gordon for X-Girl — makes perfect sense! (Buzzfeed)

Image: Via Buzzfeed.


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