Nate Silver Predicts Same-Sex Marriage Availability Will Double

While many of us are still reeling with joy and all kinds of warm fuzzies from yesterday's momentous SCOTUS decision, there's still plenty more good news to be had. According to Nate Silver, the New York Times' statistical wizard, the availability of same-sex marriage is set to double in the coming year. And, by the end of August alone, over 30% of the country's population will be enjoying marriage equality to the fullest.
As it turns out, same-sex marriage isn't just on the rise in the United States — thanks to the hard work of advocates everywhere, it's increasing almost as rapidly all across the world. New legislation in Brazil and France means same-sex marriage will soon be an even greater reality in Europe and South America, with Uruguay and New Zealand not far behind.
Of course, despite all the recent victories, there's still major work to be done. While legalizing gay marriage seems to be a rapid-fire trend lately, only about eight percent of the world's populations enjoys the freedom of equal rights to wed. And no country in Asia (which is home to half of the world's population) has allowed same-sex marriage. There truly is no rest for the weary, so here's to continuing the fight. (The New York Times)

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram user @thewshlobbyist.