Kristen Bell Proposes To Dax Shepard Post-DOMA (On Twitter!)

We have previously expressed extreme delight over the loving relationship of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. But today, an already amazing day, things hit an all-time high. After the announcement of the Supreme Court's ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act and California's Prop 8, Bell proposed to her boyfriend and father of her child. Normally we might snark about an on-Twitter proposal, but this is just too cute for that.
In an interview with The Advocate, the Veronica Mars star shared her passionate views on marriage equality: "The reason we’re not rushing to get married is because I don’t feel appropriate taking advantage of a right that’s denied to my [gay and lesbian] friends. That’s why we’ve been so hesitant." But, hesitant was certainly not the mood today! She popped the question with a tweet and, wouldn't you know, he said yes.
There's so much to love here. First of all, there's the fact that promises like this regarding marriage in a post-DOMA world, made by many couples, can now be fulfilled. Then there's the fact that she proposed to him, which just fills our hearts with girl-power joy. What a day — our hearts can hardly take any more!
Image: Via The Huffington Post.

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