The Latest SNL Skit To Become A Movie Is...

"Motherlover"! You remember "Motherlover," that beautiful Mother's Day card from the same '90s-style bad boys who gave us the seminal highly influential "D**k in a Box," right? Starring Justin Timberlake, the tune was one of the Lonely Island's finer, filthier moments.
Now, it's finally landed on the big screen where producers have seen fit to re-title it Adore and replace the very sexy Patricia Clarkson and Susan Sarandon with the equally sexy (though younger) Robin Wright and Naomi Watts. Smart move, but we have to question replacing J.T. and Andy Samberg with two relative unknowns and ditching all that fine, fine music for what seems to be moody, suspenseful overtones (maybe Timberlake and Samberg were too busy, who knows?) and incredible acting. But, hey, what do we know about comedy, right? Best leave it to the experts.
Anyways, at least they kept the plot basically the same and, we must say, moving the action to the Australian seashore is a rather inspired choice. Let's just hope it's more Wayne's World than Coneheads. Hey, maybe there will be a T-Pain cameo, too. (IndieWire)

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