Italian Court Finds Dolce & Gabbana Guilty Of $540M Tax Fraud

The tax-evasion lawsuit against Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana that first began in 2010 has finally come to a ruling today. And the verdict is guilty.
Judge Antonella Brambilla has changed the famously extravagant design duo with a one-year-and-eight-month sentence for their involvement in withholding 416 million euros (approximately 540 million dollars) in taxes, according to WWD. The site also reports that Domenico's brother, Alfonso; the D&G finance director, Giuseppe Minoni; and accountant Luciano Patelli were also charged for their involvement in withholding taxes in relation to the sale of the company to Gado S.r.I. in 2004. With hundreds of millions of dollars to account for, we have yet to see what this huge financial payback may mean for the future of the iconic Italian brand. (WWD)
Photo: Via WWD

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