James Franco’s “This Is The End” Paintings Are Highly Self-Referential

As the man who lives his life by the words "I'll try anything once," it's no surprise that James Franco painted all of the artwork seen in This Is The End, not to mention a gigantic mural in L.A. promoting his new ultimate ensemble movie. Most of the works, like the mural, feature images of his Judd Apatow clan.
Business Insider has a roundup of all the images, and they certainly do have a certain style. An accidental Munch quality, we might call it; although some of the paintings are just the words "James Franco" and "Seth Rogen." Is he the kind of artist whose work will only be appreciated once he's dead? Maybe. For now, we're just wondering when he and George Bush are going to collaborate on a MoMa show. (Business Insider)

Image: Via Business Insider.

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