Caught On Tape! VFiles’ Soho Store Gets “Bling Ringed”

There's something so voyeuristic about being hooked on surveillance tapes, but — sue us — we've fallen down the rabbit hole, Googling every morsel of info on the infamous Bling Ring. And this newly released clip of the gang at it again, this time in Soho's own Vfiles store is absolutely no different. So, okay, maybe they're not actually robbing the store, but the announcement of the Vfiles x The Bling Ring collaboration is just as inciting.
Promised to launch on Friday along with the movie's NYC release, products include cheeky shorts with sayings like, "I wanna rob!" "Let's go to Paris!" and "What did Lindsay say?" — as well as nail wraps emblazoned with text like "rich bitch". Sure this may not be a real burglar-bunch break in, but the products will be just as badass.
Watch the clip below and check back for pics from the exclusive collaboration.

Video: Courtesy of Vfiles