Get Out The Door Faster With This Brand-New, Outfit-Inspo Service

If you always pick out your outfit the night before you plan on rocking it, just know we envy your fashion foresight. For the rest of us, mornings can be a major struggle — the toast burns, an earring mysteriously goes missing, the coffee canister is completely know the drill. But, of all the things that can go awry, nailing down a suitable ensemble for the day can be a frustrating and lengthy process.
The fashion sharing site and app Pose (already a favorite with stylin' tastemakers!) just launched a brand-spankin' new solution to this a.m. timesuck, called Fashion Forecast. To help keep you sartorially inspired even through those misty morning eyes, this daily email will recommend a super-gorgeous casual and dressed-up look based on your zip code’s current weather forecast. Even though it’s pretty safe to guess it’ll be warm and sunny in L.A., a dose of style inspiration will most definitely help get us out the door faster! Sign up for the shiny-new service here.
Photo: Via Fashion Forecast

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