Say What?! This E-Tailer Will Give You Extra Credit For Your Returns

Return policies are notorious for their ultra-fine print, often leaving customers frustrated and unhappy. Store credit only. Fourteen days. Shipping not included. For a number of reasons, making a return always seems to be accompanied by a huge headache.
But with Singer 22's revolutionary return policy, the decision couldn't be easier. And the benefits couldn't be bigger. Now in its tenth year, the shopping site is famous not only for its incomparable denim offerings and celebrity-style breakdowns, but also its phenomenal return policy. Choose store credit over a refund and you'll get an extra 10% bonus on the original purchase amount.
The move by founder Jon Singer simultaneously encourages customers to take risks on items they may not have previously considered and to trust that the e-tailer will continually have desirable merchandise that shoppers can swap out. All of that on top of a site which provides items from hundreds of well-known and emerging brands? This one's a no-brainer. (Racked)
Photo: Via Racked

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