Paz De La Huerta Has A Book (NSFW, Obviously)

Paz de la Huerta is many things: actress, model, tabloid juggernaut. As of this month, she can add a new role to her roster with the release of The Birds Didn't Die Over The Winter, an art book featuring (what else?) Paz, Paz, and more Paz. A collaboration with photographer Alexandra Carr, the photos feature Paz in various character scenarios — romping topless on the beach, rolling around in bed bottomless, staring at herself in the bathroom mirror clad in nothing but lipstick and a baby-doll pout. Say what you will about the girl, she's definitely comfortable in her own skin.
"I had just come out of a really destructive, insane relationship," says Paz about the origin of these photos. "I found this 300-square foot apartment, and for the first six months slept only on a mattress in front of the fire. Had I not had Alexandra in my life, I would have just been alone crying all the time, watching Paris, Texas and Last Tango in Paris on repeat. This was a way for me to express what I needed to."
And it seems we're all for a little catharsis. In Paz's case, that seemed to mean a lot of quality time with...herself. "Working with Alexandra is incredible. It's like being with someone but being alone."
But, don't talk to Paz about show business: "I have a huge disdain for the modern society we live in, and what's happened to art. People lack talent but they make connections and then they're starring on Broadway. They f**k Harvey Weinstein and they get a Golden Globe. But we're real artists. We have to create."
Check out the (NSFW) shots for yourself. Beautiful? Over the top? We'd expect nothing less.
Photos: by Alexandra Carr, via The Cut

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