5 Tweets That Prove Kate Upton Has The Weirdest Fans, Ever

Given the chance, what does one ask supermodel Kate Upton? Perhaps: "How do you deal with the pressure of being a young celebrity, let alone a sex symbol?" Or, how about: "What's the best advice you can give young women dealing with body-image issues?" We'd even settle for "How does it feel to be you?" But, no — those inquiries are just too standard for Upton's most socially engaged fans. No, they prefer the dirty random details.
And while promoting her June Vogue cover with a Q&A on Twitter, the Sports Illustrated model happily obliged. Ahead, the five strangest Tweets that prove, yes, among the expected creepers and adoring fans, there are some weirdos...or geniuses — we really can't decide. An endorsement deal from Chipotle may be in the works. And, seriously, what do you put in your kangaroo pouch? Deep stuff.

Photo: Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

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