Is Fashion Week Getting Kicked Out Of Lincoln Center?

Having made its transition from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center just a few years ago, Fashion Week may soon be looking for a new home again. According to The New York Times, Lincoln Center is about to be served a lawsuit claiming that Damrosch Park — the public park where Fashion Week happens — is being primarily used for purposes that are off-limits to the general public.
The story claims that the Parks Department is looking to sever ties with Lincoln Center, which has been using the space for functions such as Fashion Week and the Big Apple Circus. And according to NYC Park Advocates, this kind of use is "an illegal alienation of Damrosch Park in violation of the New York State Public Trust Doctrine and other laws."
Lincoln Center has not yet commented on the lawsuit, but to think that Fashion Week will need to uproot once again — whether that be before the September shows or within another time span — well, that's a huge undertaking. And you thought it was a pain just to find a one-bedroom with a laundry room... (NY Times)

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