What Unemployment Is Really Like: A Touching, Must-Read Letter

Day drinking? Eating bags full of cornbread? Moving into your younger sister's dorm room? No, these aren't signs of a bad breakup. For writer Megan Baldwin, they're signs of unemployment. And in her poignant open-letter about being jobless, the truth about the job market (or lack there of) is revealed.
Baldwin candidly and bravely addresses a friend who is now in the same heart-wrenching situation she'd once been in: Unemployed, and struggling to find an identity without the constraints and commitment of work to define her. Instead of immediately getting back on the horse, Baldwin withdrew, got evicted (multiple times), frequented Boston Market...regularly. Though humorous, the letter reveals what it means to be a friend, and, most importantly, what it means to really understand losing so much of yourself (and a steady paycheck).
In Baldwin's thoughtful admiration of her friend's up-beat attitude towards unemployment, we find cause to applaud the author herself: She is unabashedly honest about the low-lows of trying to "find yourself" after job loss. The result is a true-and-touching home-run of an article that will make us think twice before complaining about having to go into the office... yes, even on the weekends. Read the full article here and tell us what you think in the comments below. (Huffington Post)

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