The Condé Nast Masthead Will See Even More Wintour Domination Come July

Unless you're a die-hard Condé Nast fan and pour over its mastheads with the same keen eye you give their editorial spreads, you might not have noticed any changes to the list. However, upon close examination, you'll see that many titles — W, Vanity Fair, and Lucky — have started reflecting Anna Wintour's recent promotion to artistic director within their pages. Other publications like Allure and even Wintour's own Vogue are waiting until July to make the addition.
A spokesperson for the company says the discrepancy in mastheads is due to each publication's schedules, and that by July, everyone will be caught up. Which is a good thing, because we hear Wintour's been shaking up 4 Times Square (in a good way, most of the time). And as any good publication will note, credit must be given where credit is due. (WWD)
anna Image: via WWD.

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