Yup, The Jennifer Lawrence Guide To Smart Money Management

We can add another "just like us" factoid to the reasons we dig J. Lawr: She's pretty darn thrifty. Despite raking in massive paychecks (Catching Fire alone is $10,000,000), the Kentucky native has made a few choices that suggest she may be more savvy with cash than women twice her age. According to financial advisory site GoBankingRates.com, Lawrence practices some sound day-to-day money management, like keeping her economy car even though she can well afford something more chic. (Remember when she ordered a McDonald's Happy Meal on the red carpet? Classic.)
Elle also pointed out five money-management practices employed by the actress, like celebrating what you have and being excited about the things you can afford. (In Lawrence's case, drinking wine on her couch.) The most important tip? Just because you can afford things doesn't mean you should. “That’s why mini-bars are difficult," she tells UK publication Fabulous, "because it’s like yes, I can afford a $6 Snickers bar, but there’s just something wrong with that!" Fame may be fleeting — though unlikely in this case — but good money management is not. (Elle)

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages

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