Winning The Lotto Will Make Your Dreams Come True

The question that has inevitably crossed our mind: If you won the lotto, what would you do with the money? For most of us, images of sparkling-white yachts and brimming shopping bags pop into our minds. But, for Cynthia Stafford, it was all about following the classic L.A. dream of making movies.
After she got the big prize (about $30 mil!) in 2007, Stafford focused on getting her kids out of foster care and paying the bills. Now, her company Queen Nefertari Productions is backing indie films, like the comedy The Brass Teapot, drama Polish Bar, and the horror movie spoof Holla II. (She defends the films’ positive messages, even though critics and the box office weren’t as forgiving.) The mother of five — who was once living in a thousand-square-foot Hawthorne home — is just grateful to be part of the movie-making process. It’s inspiring stories like this that make us a little less jealous of those with lady luck on their side! (Business Insider)
Image: Via Business Insider.

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