Happy May The Fourth Be With You! Now: Wear These Star Wars Dresses

International Star Wars Day isn't a big deal to everyone, everywhere, but it should be. May the Fourth (a.k.a. May the Fourth Be With You), is the day to let your inner geek shine. And, dear friends, this is the dress you are looking for.
For less than $20, these Star Wars dresses evoke the more manga-esque elements of the series with Japanese script and a slightly retro wash. Created by lady-geek haven HerUniverse and sold at Hot Topic (yes, we know), these dresses are perfect for the die-hard, old-school, before-the-atrocity-of-Jar-Jar Star Wars fan girls everywhere.
(Also, when the author, after her first ecstatic viewing of the original Star Wars, told her mother that she would grow up to marry Luke Skywalker, her mother sagely corrected her by saying she ought to wait to see what a handsome rogue Han Solo becomes in the later movies. She was right.) (The Gloss)
HerUniverse Star Wars Dress, $19.88, available at Hot Topic.

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