J. Lawr Absolutely Kills It At Great Gatsby By Wearing Barely Any Makeup

Oh, dear readers: It is no secret we are Team Lawrence here at R29. We are awash with Jennifer Lawrence banners and waving Jennifer Lawrence flags. In fact, we might venture to guess that if someone told us Jennifer Lawrence liked stealing candy from small children (which she doesn't, because she is the best) we might overlook such a heinous act. (Which we don't have to worry about, because she loves candy and children, very much.)
So adding to our admiration of all things J.Lawr, we totally dug her recent appearance at the premiere of The Great Gatsby, where she let the stars of the movie really channel glitz and glamour while she kept it low-key. Lawrence showed up delightfully fresh-faced — which isn't always her M.O. — with just a little mascara and a softening lip gloss.
She is such a gorgeous, incredible personality, and while we absolutely adore seeing her really turn it out, it's great to see that she gives the heavy eyeliner and thick foundation a rest every now and then — especially on her night off. (Also, that may be the most perfect example of the natural brow to have ever existed.)

Photo: Dave Allocca/Startraks Photo

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