Done Us Proud: Zoe Saldana Was The Best Dressed Celeb This Month

Goodbye, April! See you next year! To celebrate the end of "showers" (and hopefully the beginning of "flowers"), we are introducing a new round-up celebrating one notable who "done us proud" all throughout the month.
With junkets, shows, endless appearances, and promo tours, when a celeb hits the publicity circuit, they hit it hard. This April, however, we never got tired of Zoe Saldana, who is currently on her Star Trek blitz and showing off her love of unexpected silhouettes and colored lipstick. Every April '13 appearance Ms. Saldana made was a stunner — which was your favorite?
At the MTV Movie Awards earlier this month, Saldana showed the kids how the grown-ups kill it on the red carpet. Without going over the top (as stars tend to do on the MTV carpet), Saldana had a bit of fun with a floor-length floral Givenchy skirt that had a cheeky cut-out panel and a major side slit. With all the other attendees wearing minidresses, the long-sleeve/maxi-skirt combo felt fresh, not restricting.

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages

This Calvin Klein dress was shown as a full one-piece (with no cut-out) on the runway, but looks so much more adorable as a two-piece with straps crossed in the back. At the recent Star Trek photo call, Saldana managed to take this look, which was really utilitarian when we first saw it, and made it adorably youthful.
Also, nude pumps, FTW.
Photo: Picture Perfect/Rex USA
Oh, girl, you went and saved the best for last, didn't you? This Balmain minidress reminds us that no one can quite do a short skirt like Saldana (who, by the way, has perfected that crossed-feet-meets-hand-on-hip like it's nobody's business). The middle part and sleek hair prevent this from being too "party girl," which works well with the regal pink and gold scales. If we were forced, against our wills, to nitpick, we might want to add that we wish she took a bigger risk with the shoes, but we all can't have everything, all the time.
Photo: Willi Schneider/Rex/Rex USA

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