3 Of TV's Coolest Political Heroines Take On The Real White House

A surefire way to get yourself a ticket to the White House Correspondents' Dinner: Just play political. Not only do all three of these ladies have a D.C.-based drama loaded with intrigue and double-crossing under their respective belts, but they all represent very different (yet gorgeous) moments in red-carpet dressing. The secret, then, to killing it when the White House meets Hollywood isn't just the right dress, but an equally, erm, intriguing on-screen politico persona. (Hey, fake it until you make it in Washington, right?)
While sister Rooney may have goth-chic down to a dark science, no one does the sleek stare quite like actress Kate Mara. Whereas Mara's on-screen House Of Cards personality, Zoe Barnes, is a little more wide-eyed and eager, her real-life Washington debut is much more self-assured in a full-length white Prada gown.
Photo: Patrick McMullan
In our book (or any book, really), actress Kerry Washington can do no wrong, and her willingness to wear lesser-known designers like Wes Gordon shows she has a fiercely independent — and playful — sense of fashion. Which is a more enjoyable than the endless cavalcade of skirt suits and blazers her character wears in Scandal.
Photo: Rex/Rex USA
Finally, we actually have our woman on the inside: Carrie Mathison. We'd be remiss to see images of Mathison ever wearing such a sparkly, effervescent Prada dress, but Claire Danes does it so elegantly. (Didn't this woman, like, just have a baby?) Unfortunately, we don't get to see Mathison run about the Middle East in column gowns, so luckily Danes does it for her.
Photo: Patrick McMullan

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