R.I.P. Mary Thom, One Of Feminism's Most Important Voices

Mary Thom, writer, activist, and founder of the groundbreaking Ms. Magazine, passed away at 68 on Friday in a motorcycle accident in Yonkers. The Women's Media Center released the following statement: "Ms. Magazine, the Women’s Media Center, the women’s movement and American journalism have suffered an enormous blow. Mary was and will always be our moral compass and steady heart."
Whether you first met Ms. Thom in the throes of the Ms. heyday back in the '70s, or came across her singular voice later on, there can be no doubt that the pages of what began as a New York magazine insert and grew into something much more have held some of the most important feminist voices of the last century. Here's to her memory, and hoping that her tradition of bad-assery may continue for many more years.
Photo: Courtesy of The Women's Media Center.

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