Watch Emma Watson's Uncanny Socialite Turn In The New Bling Ring Trailer

Our first foray into Sofia Coppola's Bling Ring was all fun and games, but things get real in the film's second trailer. All that underage partying and celebrity house robbing "ropping" (rob-shopping, if you didn't know) catches up with Coppola's characters when they get busted by the law.
From "Girls, time for your Adderall!" and a Kirsten Dunst cameo (because what kind of Sofia Coppola film would it be without Ms. Dunst?) to Emma Watson's scary-accurate imitation of Alexis Neiers, "I want to run the country one day...for all I know," this is 90 seconds of riveted fascination you'll be returning to today (and maybe tomorrow and maybe the day after...). Coppola has said the film is loosely based on the celeb-robbing spree Alexis Neiers and her own bling ring went on between 2008 and 2009. But, after watching this video from Neiers' brief stint as a reality-TV star, we're thinking Watson drew inspiration from more than just a few minutes on YouTube (the cadence is uncanny).
Either way, you can't go wrong with Coppola, Hollywood, a dizzyingly good soundtrack, and post-modern femme fatales. Plus, Paris Hilton is in it — and we're actually kind of into that.
Video: Courtesy of A24.

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