Freshly Appointed Professor John Galliano’s New Look Sure Is…Interesting

As a newly appointed professor, hired to instruct a four-day course at Parsons, John Galliano revealed a look this weekend that didn't do much to soothe our feelings about his peace of mind. However, as one of the more deliberate designers in fashion, don't assume that his outfit was the result of a dark closet and a rushed morning. That haphazardly piled-on look he's going for is reminiscent of earlier collections in which he was inspired by the homeless (another whoops moment, though probably a minor one considering his repertoire).
With his pink Ray-Bans, striped blanket-scarf, lace shirt, paper-thin beanie, college T-shirt, and khaki poncho (and that's only what's happening waist up), Galliano looks a notch — or 20 — less academic than your average prof. Click through to the Telegraph for the full getup, including a look at his silk cam skirt, slouchy knee-socks, open-toe gladiator mandals, and a device that looks curiously like a panic button. (Telegraph)

Photo: Courtesy of the Telegraph.

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