Adrian Grenier Won’t Talk Entourage ‘Til His Costars Officially Renounce Fracking

Happy Earth Day! It wouldn't be our favorite nature-preserving holiday without an event to bring awareness to communities everywhere. And on Friday, at ABC Carpet & Home in NYC, Yoko Ono and a slew of artists, activists, and celebrities took this celebration to the next level. The event unveiled Ono's new installation entitled "Imagine No Fracking," an apparent message against hydraulic fracking, a mechanical technique used to extract gas, petroleum, and other natural resources from the ground. The creative affair also included speeches from health and environmental experts like Deepak Chopra, calls to action from Susan Sarandon and Ono — donning an all-black suit, dark, round shades, and a classic topper, of course — and musical performances by Amy Ray, of The Indigo Girls, and Sara Bareilles.
Before the inspirational night began, we chatted with co-host of the evening Adrian Grenier, who spoke out against fracking with clear conviction...and wasn't afraid to use excitement over the Entourage movie to propel the cause.

Why did you decide to co-host this event?
“Well, I’m whole-heartedly against fracking. It’s a technique that extracts natural gas from the earth, which is unregulated and unproven, and has terrible, detrimental effects to the earth and to our water supplies. New York City tap is some of the best in the world. The idea to threaten that is pretty upsetting. But beyond that, I think it’s about time that we found alternative sources of fuel. Oil has done nothing really but pollute the planet. It’s had its place in our evolution, but now it’s time to move past that. So, to further support the same [source], which is basically burning stuff and creating more pollution, and then in addition to that, try to extract it from this planet in a detrimental way, I think that’s not the answer. The answer is: Let’s move on and invest in renewable energy."

Being a celebrity, you can draw so much attention to this cause, but what can New Yorkers — and average citizens all over — do to get informed and participate?
"You can write to Governor Cuomo and tell him how you feel. You can write to your Congress people; you can get active; you can spread the word to your friends and family. And generally speaking, we just need to — together — get behind what’s right and stop the greed that is driving hydraulic fracking.”


What are you looking forward to most about tonight?
“You know, I’m here for the community that supports a sensible solution, which is renewable. And, unfortunately, we have to be against something, but I imagine if you talk to anybody in here, by nature, they’re not against anything; they’re for a healthier planet, a better quality of life. Unfortunately, there’s a little something called hydraulic fracking in the way of that better quality of life. And it’s run by a campaign of deception and misinformation. And, really, now our job is to educate ourselves and share the understanding of what’s really happening.”

That’s really great! Now pardon the gearchange, but because we just talked to Mark Walberg, who is very excited for the new Entourage movie, we have to ask: Are you looking forward to reviving Vincent Chase? “Is Mark Wahlberg against fracking? Did you ask him? [Sorry, Adrian. It didn’t come up.] Well, I’m not going to answer any more Entourage questions until Mark Wahlberg and the rest of the Entourage gang comes out in public against fracking. [If they do]...I'll spill the beans."

Photo: MediaPunch Inc/Rex USA.

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