“The World’s Most Giant Waiting Room”: Chloë Sevigny Gripes About L.A.

No matter how you slice it, Lala Land is doomed to Big Apple comparisons. And, though we R29 Angelenos are obviously biased, we had a good laugh at our own expense thanks to this recent Tara Subkoff-directed flick for MOCA, Magic Hour.
The camera trails Chloë Sevigny as she rattles off our fair city's laundry list of flaws to whatever poor, unfortunate soul is stuck on the receiving end of the telephone. Lingering in her sun-soaked pad, she bemoans the constant sunshine; complains about the inability to walk and explore the city as she lounges about in PJs; and even recalls the irony of driving two hours in traffic for her weekly therapist appointment, as the supposed benefits are undone as soon as she returns to her "home bubble." Don't think it's all gloom 'n doom, though: The story's punchline (featuring Alexander Yulish) will give you the giggles.
Even if you don't agree with the commentary (which, for the record, we certainly don't!) we can all agree that this short is both gut-busting and brutally honest.

Photo: Via YouTube

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