Breaking: Fashion Police Writers Go On Strike

Well, then; the writers behind Joan Rivers' Fashion Police have put down their pencils. The tension between E! News and the show's writers has become a full-on strike. Just two weeks after filing $1.5 million in wage and hour claims with the California Division of Labor Standard Enforcement, the Fashion Police writers have been instructed to stop working by Writers Guilds West and East until they get paid for overtime and regular working hours.
In a joint statement, WGAW President Chris Keyser and WGAE President Michael Winship explained,"To deny them [the writers] the basic guarantees that are the right of all writers is not only unjust, it is also a counterproductive business practice." Ned Rice, one of the show's writers said, "We’re ready to go back to work on Fashion Police just as soon as they sign a WGA contract.” Until then, it looks like Joan will have to sift through her gilded card catalogue of jokes if the show wants to stay afloat.
fashion police

Photo: Courtesy of E! News/Fashion Police.