Watch: The Yankees And Red Sox Unite To Honor Marathon Victims

This story is particularly difficult for this author to write, not only because of her Boston roots, but because of her, um, biased upbringing against the New York Yankees. Even now, she can hear herself explaining to her grandmother that the Yankees have earned these forthcoming kind words, because what happened at last night's game was truly beautiful.
To honor the victims and acknowledge the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombings, the New York Yankees played the Boston Red Sox anthem, "Sweet Caroline," at Yankee Stadium at last night's game — for the first time, ever. Since 2002, the Red Sox have played "Sweet Caroline" in the eighth inning of every home game. To hear it broadcast over the speakers at Yankee Stadium, to see a team and its community swallow their pride to honor their rival, is huge, and naturally, very emotional. The team also had a moment of silence before the first pitch.
Of course, New York has a history of being #BiggerThanTheGame: Jackie Robinson was drafted as a Brooklyn Dodger, a move that paved the way for what later became an integrated MLB. Outside of Yankee Stadium, the team has also posted a "United We Stand"banner featuring the logos of both teams. Normally, the logos are only seen together when we see a score update on TV.
It's news to no one that the Yankees/Red Sox divide is perhaps the biggest in sports, but when the Yankees cast aside their rivalry to honor Boston, well, that certainly merits mention. (HuffPost)
Image: Via Twitter; Video: Via HuffPost