Kate Bosworth Is Part Of An Upcoming Topshop Festival Collection

If there's one celebrity sighting we're always guaranteed to make during Coachella, it's Kate Bosworth. A huge music fan and style inspiration, the starlet is something like a music festival fairy, who's able to stay pristine in 100-degree weather (and trust us, unlike other celebs, she doesn't travel around with a team of makeup and hair people, but she's also not rolling around in the grass or pushing her way to the front of the main stage, so there's that).
Kate personifies Coachella for us fashion folk — so her upcoming work with Topshop makes sound sense. Style.com caught up with her this past weekend to ask her about her outfit, and it turned out that it was part of a yet-to-be-released Topshop Festival Collection that she was involved with. "The design team and I thought a lot about the festival season, and particularly with this collection, a lot of it was about the California girl. Obviously, the perfect place to wear it was Coachella," she said.
Hopefully, Topshop will be selling bleach pens alongside the pieces — it's the only way we could keep white lace so white. Click through to see the angelic look, ahead. (Style.com)

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