Andre Leon Talley Shocks Us With A Poignant Essay On Unconditional Love

We've long known ALT as the keeper of all things chic and luxe, but it turns out that underneath all that Louis Vuitton, the former Vogue editor is just one giant softie. In honor of his late grandmother, Talley penned a thoughtful essay for Huffington Post detailing his upbringing and the value of unconditional love — and it has us wanting to give him one giant hug.
In the essay, Talley regales us with lovely anecdotes about his grandmother — her Iron Chef skills and her crisp 1940s suits, to name a few — as well as the struggles she endured to take care of her family. We were surprised (and touched) to learn that the big-time editor came from much more humble beginnings, and we respect him more knowing how appreciative he is of what he has now. Head over to HuffPo to read the essay in its entirety, and keep an eye out for ALT's next big project. (Huffington Post)

Photo: Via Huffington Post